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SID Elections


Sanitary and Improvement Districts commonly referred to as SID's are created when a development occurs needing services such as electric, water, sewer, roads and sidewalks, etc. The need for these services to the property is administrated by the five-member SID Board. All board members are elected every two years.

Voting for SID board members is not based on "being a registered voter." It is based on property ownership.

2024 SID

Election Filing Form

Filed for Office

SID Election Results September 10, 2024:

  • SID 1
  • SID 2
  • SID 4
  • SID 5

Elections Held in Even Numbered Years:

SID 1 - Lake Wa Con Da

SID 2 - Greenwood

SID 4 - Eagle Lake

SID 5 - Buccaneer Bay

Elections Held in Odd-Numbered Years

SID 7 - On the Green

SID 9 - Iron Horse

SID 10 - Osage Ranch