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Jeff Leach
Jeff Leach
Senior Officer-Cass County District 2

About Probation in Nebraska

Nebraska State Probation Mission: We, the leaders in community corrections, juvenile and restorative justice are unified in our dedication to delivering a system of seamless services which are founded on evidence-based practices and valued by Nebraska's communities, victims, offenders and courts. We create constructive change through rehabilitation, collaboration, and partnership in order to enhance safe communities.

Nebraska State Probation Statement of Values and Beliefs
To reach our Vision and accomplish our Mission, the Nebraska Probation System is guided by the following Values and Beliefs

We Believe in Dignity, Respect and Integrity:

  • As Officers of the Court, we are held to a higher ethical standard. We take responsibility for treating employees, victims, offenders, and all others with dignity and respect in all interactions.
  • Victims of crime are ensured a voice.
  • Staff are valued and respected for who they are and what they do.
  • We appreciate the cultural and gender differences of all.

We Believe in Professionalism:

  • Probation staff adhere to a standard of excellence and serve as role models for all offenders.
  • We value and show professionalism toward the courts, victims, offenders, colleagues, and community partners.
  • We value a well-trained, highly-skilled professional staff.
  • Being sensitive to the needs of victims and offenders is key to the success of our mission.

We Believe in Resourcefulness:

  • We value evidence-based community correctional programming as a cost-effective alternative to incarceration.
  • A creative and innovative staff is our greatest resource.
  • Investing in juvenile justice ultimately reduces recidivism.

We Believe in Excellence in Strength-Based Services:

  • Vital to rehabilitation and accountability is community-based cooperation and collaboration.
  • Solid Probation practices based on proved research is fundamental to our success.
  • Positive change is achievable.
  • Treatment is a means of crime control.
  • Developing competencies in the youth of today will lead to better citizens of tomorrow.
  • Building on the strengths of offenders creates a basis for positive growth and change.