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Cass County Fiber RFP



County Fiber Q & A-

Section 1.3 states "an initial term of 30 months" - will this be the required term on any contract following awarded bid? For the 'initial' term yes. (future terms will be negotiable)

Appendix D shows a points system, stating "bid will be awarded to the vendor who scores the most points on this evaluation rubric."

Are points earned as all-or-nothing, or would they be split up amongst multiple vendors? Points will be allocated per vendor in all categories.

If split, how? N/A

Would points be awarded based on IT evaluation? Board vote? Board vote.

For "personal experiences" in Appendix D, how many references does the County want in order to meet the 10 points? 3 minimum

The Description of Project states the bids will be "publicly opened...on March 28 at 8:15am." Based on this initial opening and evaluation, when will a winner be determined? After that date & time. (to be determined by BOC)

Is it a requirement that any provider own and manage their own proposed Fiber network? Yes (unless they're proposing someone else's fiber, which seems odd)