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County Treasurer

Cindy Fenton Cass County Treasurer
Cynthia A. Fenton
Cass County Treasurer

Welcome to the County Treasurer

Pursuant to Nebraska State Statutes, the County Treasurer collects property taxes to be distributed to schools, fire districts, cities, villages, etc. In conjunction with the State Department of Motor Vehicles we also oversee motor vehicle registrations and titles.

Changes at the Treasurer's Office

Our offices are open to Walk-In Traffic between the hours of 8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. However, customers are encouraged to use online services Mail or Drop Box to pay property taxes, as well as for vehicle registrations to avoid wait time at the office.

If you choose to visit our office in person, please note that social distancing requirements will limit office access, but staff will endeavor to keep services moving as efficiently as possible.


Registration of motor vehicles and watercraft. Collection of real estate and personal property taxes. Collection of sales tax for motor vehicles and watercraft. Issuing of distress warrants. Issuing of driver licenses, driver permits and state identification cards. Collection of special assessments. Foreclosing on delinquent taxes. Conducting the annual tax sale. Collection of miscellaneous revenue and the distribution of revenue.

    Our office accepts cash, check, money order or Credit/Debit cards (Additional fees by credit card company) and as a form of payment.
    Cass County real estate taxes are levied in arrears. For example the 2008 taxes are levied the last day of 2008. The first half becomes delinquent May 1, 2009 and the second half becomes delinquent September 1, 2009. Second half reminder notices are NOT sent. If you pay your own taxes, have a recent purchase or payoff the mortgagor, do not assume that the year's taxes are paid. Call us to check (402-296-9511). Only one statement a year is mailed out and it is in early December. For your convenience 2 payment coupons are attached to the statement for either mail-in or in person payment.


    You must have current proof of insurance to register a motor vehicle, showing the vehicle VIN number, date of issuance and date of expiration of the policy. Photocopies are not accepted. If you do not have this card you may have it faxed to us from your insurance company prior to your arrival. Proof of insurance is not required to license trailers, snowmobiles or watercraft.
    If you sell, trade, wreck or junk a vehicle, or terminate a lease; keep your pink registration and both license plates (1 plate for trailers) in order to receive a refund. Bring in your plates and registration to obtain the refund. Failure to bring in the registration and plates may reduce the amount of the refund. Refunds must be obtained within 60 days of a title transfer. If sold in the the month prior to registration expiration, there is no refund. If you move to another state and re-register your vehicle(s) there, you are also entitled to a refund. In order for us to process the refund you will need to send back the Nebraska license plates and registration along with a copy of your new states registration and an address where we may send the refund once it is processed.
    Please remit these items to:
    Cass County Treasurer
    346 Main Street, Room 204
    Plattsmouth, Ne 68048
    Sales tax is collected on the purchase price minus trade in(s) and rebates. Maintenance agreements and documentation fees are subject to sales tax also. The sales tax rate varies in Cass County. Elmwood, Louisville, Plattsmouth and Weeping Water sales tax rate is 7%. Eagle, Greenwood and Murray have a 6 1/2% rate. Manley's sales tax rate is 6% All other cities and villages, and areas outside city limits in Cass County are 5 1/2%.
    When you purchase a vehicle the state requires you to pay the sales tax with-in 30 days of purchase (not 1 month). After the 30th day expect to pay a $5.00 penalty plus interest figured at 8%. You may pay only the sales tax without titling or registering the vehicle. This action does not extend the 30 day in-transit period, it only stops the penalty and interest from accruing. You
    may not register a vehicle without paying all of the taxes.

    All newly purchased vehicles must have a Nebraska title before the vehicle can be registered in Nebraska. If the vehicle has an out of state title the vehicle must be inspected by law enforcement to verify the VIN number. Inspections can be done at the Cass County Sheriff's Department (located next door to the courthouse). The fee for the VIN inspection is $10.00. If you have additional questions regarding the VIN inspection contact the Cass County Sheriff's department at (402-296-9370).

    Once you have the inspection completed proceed to the Cass County Treasurer's Office to have a new Nebraska title made. Title fees range from $10.00 to $17.00. If you have additional title questions contact the Cass County Treasurer's Office at (402-296-9320).

    To register a vehicle you will need to provide us with a copy of the Nebraska title, proof of insurance (original not a photo copy) and a bill of sale. If you purchased the vehicle from a licensed Nebraska dealer you must supply us the Nebraska Sales and Use Tax FORM 6 as the bill of sale. If the vehicle was purchased from a private individual a handwritten bill of sale is acceptable.

    Sales tax, personal property tax, plate fees and tire fees will be collected in our office. The tire fee is $1.00 per new tire.

    If you have traded a vehicle with Cass County plates bring in the old registration so we may transfer the plates onto your newly purchased vehicle and apply the credit from the remaining time on the plate. Credits will be subtracted from your new fees. Credits or refunds must be obtained within 60 days. See "REFUNDS" above.
    NOTE: If you trade a vehicle with truck plates and are now registering a passenger vehicle bring in the truck license plates along with the old registration and we will issue you a set of passenger vehicle plates. The same is true from passenger plates to truck plates.

    Leased vehicles domiciled in Nebraska must be registered and titled in Nebraska. Sales tax on leased vehicles is usually part of the monthly lease payment and is rarely paid at the time of registration. Normal registration fees at the treasure's office include plate registration and assessed property tax. Procedure to register a newly leased vehicle is the same as non-leased vehicles. If you buy-out your lease (even if mid cycle through registration period, plates not expired) you are responsible to pay the sales tax on the buy out/purchase price and re-register the vehicle in your name without the leasing company on the title and registration. If you fail to pay the sales tax within 30 days of the buyout you will incur significant penalties at time of proper registration.

    Plate/registration fees are generally $30.00 for a passenger vehicle and $33.00 for a truck. There is no motor vehicle tax. However if this is a new purchase you will be required to pay sales tax as part of the registration process. It is advisable you keep a copy of the sales tax form as you may need it at your next assignment.

    Military personnel claiming non-resident status must bring in a current LES (leave and earning statement) so we may verify your state of residence, along with your military ID card and proof of insurance.
    Non-residents may register their previously registered vehicle (from another state) in Nebraska as untitled therefore a VIN inspection and Nebraska title need not be processed but you will need to provide us with the previous state's registration. If the vehicle is newly purchased and being registered for the first time a Nebraska title must be made.
    "See Registering a Newly Purchased Vehicle"

    If you are military but claim Nebraska as your state of residence you need not bring in your military ID or LES. You will be responsible for paying personal property taxes on your vehicle(s) and you must have Nebraska titles made for all of your vehicles you wish to register in Nebraska.
    "See Registering a Newly Purchased Vehicle".

    To renew your expired Nebraska license plates bring proof of insurance, the expired registration and the renewal card we mailed to you. If you are new to Cass County from another Nebraska county the procedure is the same as a resident except we will need to issue you a set of Cass County license plates. If you moved from a different state, "See Registering a Newly Purchased Vehicle" above. Procedures are the same except there is no sales tax collected if previously registered in another state.
    Most watercraft must be titled prior to registration in Nebraska. Watercraft that are 1972 or older do not require a title. If you have additional questions regarding titling of watercraft contact the Cass County Treasurer at 402-296-9320.

    To register watercraft you will need to provide us with a copy of the Nebraska title and a bill of sale. If you purchased the watercraft from a licensed Nebraska dealer you must supply us the Nebraska Sales and Use Tax Form 6MB as the bill of sale. If the watercraft was purchased from a private individual a hand written bill of sale is acceptable.

    If the newly purchased watercraft is "used" (not brand new from a dealer) and has been registered before in Nebraska you need to record the Nebraska registration numbers from the watercraft as we will need these for registration. (eg...NB123ABC). These numbers can be found on the forward half of the vessel. These numbers will stay the same on the watercraft and we will reregister the watercraft per the names from the new title plus collect the sales tax and registration fees. All watercraft expires December 31 in the assigned year.

    Watercraft renewals can be processed in any of the 93 counties in Nebraska. It is not necessary to renew the vessel in the county of residence or storage. NOTE: The trailer must be renewed in the county where used/stored.
    You may also renew your watercraft registration on-line at
    The State of Nebraska offers many different types of specialty license plates.

    These plates are ordered directly from the State of Nebraska. You may either fill out an application (available from our office) and send to the state with your check or money order or you may order via the internet at the states website.

    Obtaining a drivers license or state identification card is a function of the Nebraska State Examiner's office. The Cass County Examiner's Office is located at 201 Main Street in Plattsmouth. Office hours are Thursday and Friday ONLY from 8:45 to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Individuals must go to the Driver Examiner's office to apply for any type of driver's license or ID card. After the examiners have approved the application proceed to the treasurer's office (room 203) for your application to be processed. You will be issued a temporary permit and appropriate fees will be collected. If you are new to Nebraska you should apply for the Nebraska license within 30 days of your arrival to the state. If you currently hold a Nebraska drivers license and move to a different address within the state you should have your license updated within 60 days of the move
    Citizens have the ability to utilize any of the State Examiners' Offices throughout Nebraska. It is not necessary for an applicant to use the examiners in their county of residence. Hours of operation and days vary in each county so it is advisable to check prior to going to any individual office.

    You may renew a regular driver's license or state ID card on line at You will click on Driver License Services.
    You may renew your expiring (over 21 years of age) Nebraska drivers' license or ID 90 days prior to the expiration date. If you are approaching your 21st birthday, you may complete the paperwork for renewing 60 days prior to your birthday; however you cannot have the actual license issued until 10 days prior to your birthday. Two (2) pieces of address verification will always be required.

    In order to obtain a duplicate license or have a name and/or address change you can see the driver examiner at the Driver License Office located at 201 Main Street, Plattsmouth between 8:45 and noon and 1:00 p.m. thru 4:30 p.m. on Thursday and Friday ONLY. Duplicates and Address changes may also be done online at Name changes you must see an examiner. Two (2) pieces of address verification will always be required. An address change would require you to surrender your current license or ID card, fill out an application, have a new photo taken and pay the appropriate replacement fee of $15.50. The procedure is the same for a name change plus you must also provide the examiners with legal, certified proof of the name change, e.g. marriage license, divorce decree, court documents, etc. To replace/duplicate a lost or stolen drivers license or state ID you will need to fill out an application, have a new picture taken and pay the replacement fee of $15.50.You must be able to show the examiners certified documents of your identity if you do not currently have a new Nebraska digital license/ID.

    This process is done through the State of Nebraska Please refer to the State's web site at In the search box located at the top left type in Out of State Duplicate (Renewal) for full instructions or call the State of Nebraska at 402-471-3861.
    There have been numerous changes for obtaining a Commercial Driver License. For information regarding Commercial Driver Licenses please contact the State of Nebraska directly at 402-471-3861.



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All inquires can be addressed to this office at:

346 Main Street, Plattsmouth, NE 68048-1964
Real Estate and Driver License Phone: 402-296-9511
Motor Vehicles: 402-296-9320
Fax: 402-296-9327

The Treasurer's Office is open 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday. Drivers License Examiners are only in Cass County on Thursday and Friday from 8:45 AM to 12:00 Noon and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM. If you wish to talk with the examiner call 402-296-1028 during those hours.

We are located on the second floor of the Cass County Courthouse
346 Main Street, Rooms 203 and 204, Plattsmouth, Nebraska 68048
Driver License examiners are located at 201 Main street.