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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Uses GIS?

Government offices, surveyors, engineers, realtors, attorneys, land developers, utility providers, school districts, and many many more.

Are any of the maps found on the Cass County Official Web Site or the GIS Mapping System considered a legal document

No! The GIS Mapping System is for reference purposes only and is not to be misconstrued as a legal document. The data does not represent an official survey of the land within Cass County. When in question, please refer to the appropriate county office for official deeds records, recorded plats, assessors data or filed surveys for the actual owner of record, legal description, and property dimensions.

What is a Parcel Identification Number (PIN)?

The Parcel ID is a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Assessor's Office to each parcel of land within Cass County.

What is the difference between a Situs Address and a Property Owners Address?

A Situs Address is the physical address of a property or a structure on a particular piece of property. A Situs Address can also be assigned to an array of different features such as: houses, phone booths, bridges, street signs, etc. Some parcels, particularly commercial parcels, may have more than one situs address such as a strip mall.

The Situs Address and the Mailing Address can be one in the same if the property owner or tenant resides at the situs address and receives their mail at that location.

The Property Owners Mailing Address which may differ from the situs address if the owner gets his mail (such as property tax statement) at another location.