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Reducing Your Waste

Did you know that the average person in Nebraska generates a huge 7 pounds of waste every single day? To put that in perspective - Cass County residents produce waste equivalent to the weight of 7,000 elephants every year! Below are some ideas to help you reduce the waste your family generates:

The average American household receives more than 500 pieces of advertising mail each year! You can opt-out of receiving unsolicited commercial mail by using the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service at

Avoid individually wrapped items and "single-serve" packaging - Buy in bulk but be aware of double packaging - some are just individually wrapped items wrapped again! Buy concentrated forms or refills where possible.

Go Reusable:
Bring reusable bags and containers when shopping. Use reusable containers and cutlery when packing lunches or leftovers.
Did you know Americans use about 50 billion plastic water each year? Take a reusable water container instead of buying single-use water bottles.

Food Waste:
Almost 17% of the waste Nebraskans throw away is food!
Plan your meals ahead - only buying what you need prevents food spoiling and saves you money. Leftover recipes are a great way to reinvigorate leftover food. Start a compost heap - refer to the composting page for information Donate unused food to a food bank.