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Real Property Valuation Notices to be sent June 1st


Cass County Real Property Valuation Notices will be sent out June 1, 2021, per state statute.

In February of this year, the Assessor's Office went through a software conversion and to maintain the state required Level Of Value, all costing tables, countywide were brought current according to the market reflected in the last two years of sales. Agricultural land value in Cass County did not change for 2021.

Please review your property record on the county website. If you find errors or have questions concerning your property, please call the assessor's office so we can go over your record together. Please leave a message if needed and we will return your call. If you do not agree with your value you may file a Protest Form 422 with the county clerk from June 1 to June 30.

Click here to view and download a printable PDF.

Assessor's Office