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Why Recycle

In 2013, The University of Nebraska Public Policy Center's Nebraska Recycling Study estimated that Nebraskans generate 7 lbs. of waste per person per day! And in 2009, the State of Nebraska Waste Characterization Study identified that almost 70% of the waste discarded in publicly owned landfills was considered recyclable.

Why Recycle? 

  • Environmental Stewardship - Waste can have a huge impact on our local environment far beyond what you may think. Waste can impact hazardous gas emissions, water quality and contamination, energy consumption and carbon emissions, natural habitat degradation, biodegradation, poor visual aesthetics from litter and illegal dumping, and public health considerations.

  • Economic Reasons - Recognizing that recovered and recycled materials have value and that there are rising costs associated with land-filling waste and these costs will continue to rise.

  • Recovering, reusing and recycling reduces the use of resources and the economic and environmental impacts of manufacturing and purchasing new.

  • Social and Legislative Drivers - Alongside the social aspects, legislative drivers also seek to address the safe and efficient management of wastes.