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Time Off Work

  • Statute 32-241 states: (1) Any person who is appointed .....shall not be subject to discharge from employment, loss of pay, loss of overtime pay, loss of sick leave, loss of vacation time, the threat of any such action, or any other form of penalty as a result of his or her absence from employment due to such service.

  • The statute goes on to say the employer can reduce your pay equal to the amount you earn.
    • Example: Your salary is $10.00 per hours for 8 hours= $80.00

Election Day you earn $10.50 per hour for the same 8 hours =$84.00
Your employer can deduct the $84.00 from your day's wages, HOWEVER; on Election Day you normally work 13.5 hours so your total pay @ $10.50 per hour would be $136.50 plus training pay.