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Recycle This - Curbside Recycling

For Residents that have a curbside recycling service, this is collected by your waste hauler and transported to a recycling processor, where it is sorted at a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) ready to be sent to re-processors who will remanufacture it into new products. Items that can be placed in your curbside totes include:


  • Leaving the caps, rings, and labels on plastic soda and water bottles is ok!
  • Recycle shampoo, conditioner, lotion and other cosmetics bottle and tubes.
  • Butter tubs, yogurt tubs and other plastic food containers are all recyclable.
  • Detergent bottles and even spray bottles can be tossed in your recycle cart!
  • Milk jugs and other beverage containers are recyclable.


  • Recycle your daily or weekly newspaper and all of the inserts as well
  • Magazines, catalogs and TV guides can all be tossed in your recycling cart too.
  • White, printer paper and colored paper of all colors and thickness is accepted.
  • Envelopes we accept: white letter, colored, manilla and even window envelopes
  • We accept paperback books - those books which have a soft outer cover.


  • Shipping, storage and shoe boxes can all be made into new cardboard.
  • Toss your empty cereal boxes into your cart with your other recyclables.
  • We now accept juice and milk cartons and soup and wine boxes.
  • Empty pasta and food boxes are recyclable forma of paperboard
    not just the cans are recyclable: recycle the package for soda 12 or 24 packs too!


  • Aluminum, tin, and steel cans can all be recycled with the lids and labels still on.
  • Soda cans do not need to be crushed, just toss them in your cart.
  • Aerosol cans such as hairspray and spray paint are hazardous to landfills, recycle them!
  • Cat food and tuna cans can also be recycled with their lids and labels on.
  • Aluminum bottles can be tossed in your cart with caps, rings, and labels on as well.