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William (Bill) Brueggemann
County Sheriff
Serving as Sheriff since 1991, came to the Cass County Sheriff's Office in 1987. Staying involved in many youth programs, Bill also works with numerous City, County and State organizations for the betterment of interagency cooperation throughout Nebraska. Bill and his Family have made their home in Plattsmouth.



The mission of the Cass County Sheriff's Department is to enhance the quality of life in our county by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the U.S. Constitution to enforce the law, preserve the peace, reduce fear and provide for a safe environment for all of our citizens.

The Cass County Sheriff is elected by the citizens of the County and serves four-year terms.


The Cass County Sheriff's Office provides Policing services to the communities within Cass County. The office investigates criminal & drug offenses, traffic accidents, enforces traffic laws, and serves as a representative of the County Coroner in death investigations. Other duties include: collecting delinquent property taxes; execution of complex court orders; and serving summonses, subpoenas and warrants. The Sheriff's Office also offers crime prevention division, 911 Communications Center and operates the county jail.


The Law Enforcement Center which houses the Cass County Sheriff’s Office consists of a number of different divisions which include:

ADMINISTRATION: Consisting of the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Captain and two Lieutenants who oversee the daily operations of all divisions.

INVESTIGATIONS: Non uniformed Sworn Deputies make up both the criminal and drug investigative units. Responsibilities include the investigation of all major case crimes and drug violations and is supervised by a Lieutenant.

911 CENTER: Equipped with state of the art technology the 911 center dispatches fire, rescue and law enforcement for 17 villages and cities throughout Cass County and is supervised and staffed by civilian personnel.

CIVIL PROCESS: Consisting of both civilian and Sworn personnel conduct paper service for both civil and criminal proceedings.

ROAD PATROL: Supervised by Sergeants and assisted by the K-9 unit the road patrol, which is made up of sworn personnel, provides law enforcement for all of Cass County, to include the cities, villages, state parks and both rural and lake areas.

CORRECTIONAL FACILITY: This unit is comprised of both civilian and sworn personnel who facilitate the 110 bed jail. Supervised by a Lieutenant, Sergeant and corporals, the staff also provides for prisoner transports and courtroom security.

CRIME PREVENTION: Allows for a sworn deputy to work with the school system to provide programs such as D.A.R.E, G.R.E.A.T, and “Just Say No”. This unit also assists with public awareness such as Crime Stoppers and Neighborhood Watches throughout Cass County.

BEAVER LAKE: The Cass County Sheriff’s Office also supports two sworn Deputies which are funded by the Beaver lake Association.

SUPPORT STAFF: Includes administrative assistants and clerical staff, maintenance/engineer, medical physician, registered nurse and inmate foodservice provided by CBM Food Service, Inc.


The law enforcement operations of the Cass County Sheriff’s Office and The Plattsmouth Police Department is located a 336 Main street and the entrance is at the southwest side of the building in the area between the Courthouse and Law Enforcement Center. The Jail entrance is at 303 Avenue A at the Northeast corner of the Law Enforcement Center.
The City County Law Enforcement Center is a State of the Art Law Enforcement and Detention facility that Houses the Offices of The Cass County Sheriff, The Plattsmouth Police Department as well a jail facility that has over 100 bed general population capacity. Cooperative agreements with the U.S, Marshall Service as well as other Federal and local agencies provide a revenue source for Cass County that is able to offset the increased staffing and operating costs for the new facility.
The Law Enforcement Center is 73,000 square feet and was constructed using over 900,000 pounds of steel with 3,890 cubic yards of concrete, 68,000 concrete blocks and 120,000 bricks.
The Law Enforcement Center was designed to complement the appearance of the Historic Courthouse building and has a connection to the Courthouse, which enables the movement of prisoners to and from court without taking them outside the facility.






All inquires can be addressed to this office at:

City County Law Enforcement Center

336 Main Street Phone 402-296-9370
Plattsmouth NE 68048-1964 Fax 402-296-9390
Crime Stoppers 800-527-3699

Email - sheriff@co.cass.ne.us


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