Cass County Election Commissioner
Linn M. Moore


Last updated: 01/28/2020
Republican 8,779
Democrat 4,327
Libertarian 241
Nonpartisan 4,444
Total 17,893

In Cass County the Election Commissioner is appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. The office is a 4 year term.  Linn M. Moore is the current Election Commissioner.

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All inquires can be addressed to this office at:
Linn M. Moore
201 Main St, Ph. 402-296-9309
Plattsmouth NE 68048 Fax 402-296-1001

Email -

Hours are 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday.

The Cass County Election Office has a new location.
        201 Main St, Plattsmouth, NE

(east of the courthouse near the flagpole, white building green roof)

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