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The county maintains 72 miles of paved roads, 698 miles of gravel roads, 70 miles of minimum maintenance and over 200 bridges. The State of Nebraska encourages all counties to employ a licensed Highway Superintendent he/she is to be in charge of the construction and maintenance of roads under the county's jurisdiction. The incentive payment to Cass County for having a Class A licensed Highway Superintendent is $12,000.00 per year. The Highway Superintendent is responsible for the efficient economical and good faith performance of said work. It is the duty of the board to provide adequate funding to properly maintain the road system.

In order for the County to receive their full allocation of road use tax monies each county is required to provide a minimum "local tax effort" set by the state. The local tax effort in Cass County is composed of allocations from the County General Fund. Though there has been some discussion of a tax to go towards the hard surfacing of County Roads, this has not been implemented at this time.

The Highway Superintendent is required to submit an annual budget and a One & Six Year Road Plan to the Board of Commissioners and the Nebraska DOR . The budget should reflect the road maintenance needs and construction improvements on or before April 1st of each year. The Board of Commissioners, with the assistance of the Highway Superintendent, must prepare and adopt a One and Six Year Road Plan which includes the following items: 1.) A project accomplishment list for the next fiscal year. 2.) A project priority list for the following five fiscal years. The project accomplishment list and annual budget may be revised only if unforeseen circumstances occur. Any revision must be approved by the Nebraska Board of Classification and Standards.

The priority of improvement of roads is within the sound discretion of the Board of Commissioners.

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The Cass County Department of Roads is composed of:

1 Highway Superintendent

1 Construction Manager

1 Office Manager
2 Foremen
21 Equipment Operators
1 mechanic
1 mechanic helper

The Motor Grader Foreman coordinates the routine maintenance and grading of roads and addresses the concerns of local farmers and businessmen. Each patrol operator maintains about 60 to 70 miles of gravel roads. A spare motorgrader is used during heavy snows. The truck drivers transport rock and gravel throughout the county and snow removal. The Construction Foreman is in charge of major maintenance, overseeing Contractors performing roadwork, assist with road rebuilds and other maintenance jobs.

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All inquires can be addressed to this office at:

7600 Hwy 50

Phone: 402-296-9353

Weeping Water, NE 68463-0195

Fax: 402-267-0165

Email -
Hours are 7am - 3:30pm Monday through Friday.
Field operations are from 7am – 3:30pm Monday - Friday. Closed for Legal Holidays.
County shops are located in Plattsmouth,Weeping Water, Murray, Greenwood, Elmwood, Avoca and Nehawka

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