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Department Official Phone E-Mail
Assessor Lori Huebner 402-296-9310  
Attorney Nathan B. Cox
CASA Angie Neumilller 402-296-9521 director@casscasa.org
Clerk Geri Draper 402-296-9300 clerk@cassne.org
Commissioners Commissioners 402-296-9300  
District 1     dist1comm@cassne.org
District 2 Janet McCartney 402-298-7168 dist2comm@cassne.org
District 3 James Peterson 402-430-2951 dist3comm@cassne.org
District 4 Dan Henry   dist4comm@cassne.org
District 5 Duane Murdoch 402-227-5008 dist5comm@cassne.org
County Court Kim Durow 402-296-9334 kimberly.durow@nebraska.gov
County Ext. Office Ashley Benes 402-267-2205 ashley.benes@unl.edu
District Court Barbara L Prokupek 402-296-9339 barbp@cassne.org
Department of Roads Lenny Thorne 402-296-9353 roads@cassne.org
Election Nancy Josoff 402-296-9309 nancyj@cassne.org
Emergency Management Sandy Weyers 402-267-6765 ccema@cassne.org
GIS Department Robert Van Dyne 402-296-9354 bobv@cassne.org
Probation Jeff Leach 402-296-9363  
Public Defender Michael Slattery 402-296-6996  
Register of Deeds Dave Jordan 402-296-9330 deeds@cassne.org
Sheriff William Brueggemann 402-296-9370 sheriff@co.cass.ne.us
Surveyor Charles P. Jordan 402-296-9362 chuckj@cassne.org
Treasurer Richard F. Wassinger 402-296-9320 treasurer@cassne.org
Veterans' Service Brian Coffman 402-296-9368 ccvso@cassne.org
Weed Control Randy Group 402-234-4101 weedboard@cassne.org
Zoning Michael Jensen 402-296-9359 zoning@cassne.org


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