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Cass County
Motorcycle Patrol

The Cass County Sheriff’s Department is the first county in Nebraska to currently maintain a motorcycle unit. This unit was tested in 2002 by taking advantage of the Harley Davidson lease program and donations from area businesses to determine the feasibility of utilizing a motorcycle in a county environment for traffic enforcement. The test was a resounding success and is now accepted as an integral part of county law enforcement.

The motor patrol is primarily used for traffic enforcement, parade and escort duty but is also available to assist with any calls. The patrol is also the only means to patrol the more than 20 miles of remote walking/biking trails throughout the county.

Some of the benefits of this unit are:
*Enhanced traffic enforcement as it is much harder to detect a motorcycle than a marked cruiser. A side benefit of this is we are seeing more respect for other motorcycle riders in the county as you never know whom you might be crowding.
*Easier mobility in crowded conditions such as town events and traffic problems on the interstate.
*Greater public contact as the operator is more accessible to the public being out in the open.
*Fuel mileage is approximately 45 miles per gallon compared to approximately 16 miles per gallon for a cruiser.

The motorcycle patrol operates throughout the year so long as the roads are not icy and the temperature is at or above 40 degrees.

Deputies assigned to this duty must complete a two week law enforcement motorcycle training course taught by certified instructors at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Academy and are required to maintain proficiency through annual re-certification.

Generous donations by Ash Grove Cement Company, Martin Marrietta Aggregate, Kerford Limestone, Mark Morehead Construction and Advanced Cycles of Omaha allowed the test to be conducted at no cost to the taxpayers.

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