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Cass County GoingGreen!                   


September 15, 2009, the grant request to the NDEQ was due.
Once the grant was submitted we waited and waited, patiently of course, in anticipation of our award.

October, Buccaneer Bay began receiving their recycling totes for the curbside rewards program.  We continue our efforts to grow the participation of the curbside rewards program in this area.  Some residents, although they were skeptical, have been surprised by the amount of recyclables they have and are very excited to be diverting this material from our landfills.

January 6, 2010, Cass County received a letter informing us we were awarded $110,000.00 from the Department’s Litter Reduction & Recycling Grant Program.
Now the work begins.
Immediately, Dempester Industries was contacted to begin work on the recycling trailers for use in our program.

February 4, 2010, the Green Team met at the fairgrounds to discuss a strategy for rolling out and kicking off the recycling program. It was decided that Saturday February 27, from 1pm to 4 pm would be the time for this event, so plan to attend.  Locating our event in the Expo building at the fair, allows us to place the trailers inside the hall for public viewing, so weather does not become a problem. For more information see the attached flyer.

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Reduce tip:

  1. Rechargeable batteries help to: Reduce the amount of resources used to make single use batteries.
  2. Rechargeable batteries help to: Allows resources to be recharged, and be recycled, and used indefinitely.
  3. Forget unruly plastic bags that seemingly regenerate under your sink. An empty tissue box keeps them neatly corralled and ready for use.
  4. Twister game mat makes an on-the-spot tablecloth for a child's birthday party: Sticky spills and icing wash right off.


To find out where you can recycle your batteries go to www.call2recycle.org
 and look for the Drop off Locator, just type in your zip code.


What can I recycle?  

A lot more than you think!

All Clean Paper

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Detergent boxes
  • Paperback books
  • Catalogues
  • Cereal boxes
  • Greeting cards
  • School paper
  • Phonebooks
  • Junk mail - including envelopes with  plastic windows!
  • Wrapping paper
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Cardboard boxes


  • Aluminum cans and steel (tin cans)
    • Empty aerosol cans
    • Empty and dry paint cans
  • Plastic bottles marked PETE (1)
    • Soda bottles
    • Cooking oil
    • Mouthwash
    • Shampoo
    • Cleaners
  • Plastic bottles, tubs, or snap top containers marked HDPE (2)
    • Milk and juice bottles
    • Cleaners
    • Other food items
  • Hard plastic packaging and plastic bottles marked V (3)
    • Packaging for small electronics (must be cut open)
  • Plastic bottles, cups, tubs, or snap top containers marked PP (5)
    • Dairy case items
    • Food containers
    • Reusable/disposable food storage containers
  • NOT recyclable-Glass is currently not recyclable in our community  
  • NOT recyclable-Styrofoam
    • Shredded  paper should be placed in a clear bag then deposited into the trailer
    • The cardboard bins are for corrugated cardboard not light boxes, those items are considered clean paper



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Green Update:

PLATTSMOUTH RESIDENTS will have the opportunity to sign up for the Curbside Rewards program and learn more at a meeting Monday, September 21, 2009 at the Community Center at 7:00 PM.

Buccaneer Bay
Brian Gubbels, CEO of Curbside Rewards came to the Buccaneer Bay meeting August 24, and shared information on their program.  The goal is to have 100 residents sign up for the program within a few weeks and start the first Curbside Rewards program in Cass County October 1.  The attendees will be contacting their neighbors and encouraging them to sign on to the program.  To learn more about what you can recycle, how to recycle and what your rewards can be, go to www.curbsiderewards.com

As of September 16, 2009 Buccaneer Bay has had just over 50 residents signed up.  Please talk to your neighbors and help them get signed up!

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