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Welcome to the Cass County GIS Mapping System

Cass County is pleased to provide this GIS Information System to the public via the Internet. It is our hope that informational tools such as this will provide better service to the public and enhance the efficiency of County government.

A Geographic Information System is defined as an organized collection of computer hardware, software, geographic data, and personnel designed to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display all forms of geographically referenced information.

To learn more about our GIS Mapping System, please visit the FAQ's and the GIS Help Guide link at the top of the page. The Help Guide will provide you with information regarding the use of the tools and how to view the layers in this application.



The effort behind the Geographic Information System, (GIS), is a team effort and not an individual effort.
The team or leadership is comprised of the Cass County Computer Work Group, which consist of Elected and Appointed Officials.
Through the efforts of this web page and looking toward the future it has been the utmost concern of the Computer Work Group and the County Board to supply information to the public via the web. Many discussions were had regarding the benefits of a GIS System. Knowing that many counties across the United States have already implemented a GIS System including the counties surrounding Cass County, the decision was made to contact companies that possess this professional skill.
The Computer Work Group made a recommendation to the County Board to form a GIS Department and further recommended Robert Van Dyne to manage said department. On October 2, 2001, the County Board made a motion to approve the formation of the GIS Department with Van Dyne to manage said department. Said department was placed under the temporary direction of the Cass County Treasurer's Office for budgetary review.
The Computer Work Group reviewed many presentations by various companies and after having received bid proposals made their recommendation to the Cass County Board of Commissioners.
On January 2002 a contract was signed between the Cass County Board of Commissioners and GIS Workshop, Inc. of Lincoln, Nebraska to provide Professional Services to Cass County. The scope of work initiated the creation of a computer based Geographic Information System for Cass County.
In July of 2005 in conjunction with the new budget season, the County Board of Commissioners found a permanent home for the GIS Office under the Cass County Register of Deeds Office. Although the GIS System is comprised of many different layers the close relationship of deed of record, legal description, and the Register of Deeds was one of the compelling reasons the County Board placed the GIS Office under that department for budgetary review.
The County Surveyor works hand in hand with the GIS Dept. and contributes a great deal to the refinement of our system. The information provided by the Surveyor includes but is not limited to GPS points, section line correction, digital drawings transfer between our two departments, research and just plain hands on participation to improve our system.
This working relationship is enhanced due to the fact that we share the same office space and have direct access to the filed surveys of the County Surveyor.  
The Computer Work Group has the task of determining the content of the web site to be made available to the public.
Such information that might be available on the web is:

Arial Photos

Road Names

Tax Parcels


City Limits

Property Ownership


County Zoning

Rural Water Districts


Fire Districts

Voter Precincts

The GIS Mapping/Property Lookup Web Site created by the GIS Department will have an interactive map allowing the public to zoom in and out, identify individual tax parcels, and the capability to do a parcel search either by parcel ID number, owner's name, or by address. You will also have the ability to turn layers on and off to acquire the visual information that you need.
With the parcel layer drawn by the GIS Department we then acquire a nine digit pin or parcel number for each parcel within the county from the Assessor's Office and attach said number to their respective parcel of ground within our GIS system.
Due to the link created by combining the parcel layer with the parcel pin numbers the public has the ability to access the parcel data information from the TerraScan Program maintained by the Assessor’s Office.
The GIS Dept. and the County Surveyor share the same office space. We are located in room 108 on the lower level of the Cass County Courthouse at the northwest corner of the building just inside the handicap entrance door.
The GIS Office is comprised of two employees, Robert Van Dyne and Mike Jensen.
Robert was employed by the Cass County Roads Department between 1974 and 2001 at which time he was offered the opportunity to transferred positions and manage the upcoming GIS program.
Mike was also employed by the Roads Department between 1997 and 2006 at which time he transferred over to the GIS Department.






Who Uses GIS?

Surveyors, Realtors, Attorneys, Economic Developers, Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Land Records, Utilities, Roads, Parks & Recreation, Elections, Schools, Engineers, Tax Revaluation, Planning, Zoning, Health Department.

Are any of the maps found on the Cass County Official Web Site or the GIS Mapping System consider a legal document?

" ABS0LUTELY NOT ". The GIS Mapping System is for reference purposes only and is not to be misconstrued as a legal document. The Map does not represent an official survey of the land within Cass County. When in question, please refer to the appropriate county office for official deeds records, recorded plats, assessors data or filed surveys for the actual owner of record, legal description, and property dimensions.

How often is the Cass County GIS Web Site Updated?

A pre-scheduled update has not been determined at this time due to workflow concerns, however it is our desire to update the GIS Web Site on the last working day of each month. This process could be interrupted by down systems or events out of our control. In this case the GIS Web Site will be updated at the first opportunity available and then revert to the aforesaid monthly updates.

The parcel line does not match the section line, why?

The Section Line Layer is for reference purposes only and will not match the parcel lines.

The visual reference of section lines and numbers have been provided for the user to better understand their location within Cass County.

The Sections Layer can be turned ON and OFF in the Layer Control Folder.

What is a Parcel Identification Number (PIN)?

The Parcel ID is merely a unique nine-digit number assigned by the Assessor's Office to each parcel of land within Cass County.

Why is the address shown in TaxSifter sometimes not the property address?

The address shown is the mailing address of the property owner, which is not necessarily the address of the property. A renter may reside on the property but the tax statement is sent to the property owner who may reside at a different location.

What is the difference between a Situs Address and a Property Owners Address?

(situs: n. the place where something exists or originates)

A Situs Address is the physical address of a property or a structure on a particular piece of property.

A Situs Address can also be assigned to an array of different features such as: houses, phone booths, bridges, street signs, etc.

Some parcels, particularly commercial parcels, may have more than one situs address such as a strip mall.

The Situs Address and the Mailing Address can be one in the same if the property owner or tenant resides at the situs address and receives their mail at that location.

The Property Owners Mailing Address which may differ from the situs address if the owner gets his mail (such as property tax statement) at another location.


  • Property owner resides at the situs address but has a post office box number for a mailing address.
  • Tenant rents a house at the situs address but the property owner resides and receives his mail at another location.

Sometimes when I select a parcel on the map with the Identify Tool Button, I receive no results in the Search Results Window?

  • You have zoomed in to far, select the Zoom Out Button and click on the map to reduce the size of the parcel. This may require more than one click depending on how far you are zoomed in. Select the Identify Tool Button and click the parcel again, this should resolve your problem.
  • A parcel identification number or PIN has not been assigned to that particular parcel at this time. This could be an oversight on our part or research is still being preformed to match the parcel of land with its unique parcel identification number assigned by the Assessor's Office. Research most often involves extensive research of property ownership located in the Register of Deeds Office and land surveys found in the Surveyor's Vault.
  • Road right-of-ways such as state, county and city, in many cases do not have parcel identification numbers assigned at this time. The right-of-way is tax exempt and therefor the Assessor's Office in the past has had no need to assign a unique parcel ID number. The GIS Department is in the process of researching the deed records regarding said right-of-ways and will report to the Assessor's Office their findings at which time a parcel number will be assigned. This type of research is extremely time-consuming and low on the priority list for our department at this time.

Why do multiple parcels become highlighted when I use the Identify Tool Button?

  • You are zoomed out to far or clicked near a parcel line.
  • It is important to zoom in and click in the center of a parcel, clicking near a property line will result in multiple properties being selected. This is ok if you don’t mind having multiple parcels show up in the search results window.
  • Selecting a road right-of-way parcel with the Identify Tool Button in some instance will produce a property owner in the search results window. However in most cases due to parcel identification numbers having not been assigned, multiple parcels across the map will be highlighted. Simply select another parcel to be highlighted.

How can I un-select a highlighted parcel or multiple parcels?

To remove all highlighted features pre-form the following:

Click on the Full Extent button, doing so will bring the full map into view.

Click one time on the white background that surrounds the map and all features will be unselected.

Has Cass County surveyed section corners by means of a GPS System?

Cass County has not established section corners by means of a Global Positioning System, (GPS), at this time.

What coordinate system or projection is the GIS data in?

Nebraska State Plain coordinate system, North American Datum 1983 (NAD 1983) FIPS 2600 (Feet).


GIS HELP GUIDE Back to top of page

This document describes how to use the various features of Cass County Geographic Information System web site. Frequent users will want to make sure they fully understand everything contained in this document. Casual users will benefit greatly by at least familiarizing themselves with the material and keeping the User Guide available as a reference.

All users should feel free to explore all aspects of this site. You can not harm anything. Once you are familiar with the navigation and functionality, you will hopefully find that it is a valuable tool. Many users have begun to use sites like these in their everyday work, saving them valuable time that it would normally take to physically gather this information from various agencies. The ability of making the data interact with each other has never before been available in Cass County.

One last note, while you cannot unintentionally harm the site, please take your time as you work with the software. Clicking too quickly can result in the application not receiving data requests and requiring you to start over from the beginning. It is also important to click in the center of a parcel, clicking near a property line will result in multiple properties being selected. This is not a problem but multiple results will show up in the search results window.

Toolbar Buttons

The Map Viewer's toolbar appears above the map display area. It includes the following tools:

Zoom In Button:

Zooms in to the area of the map that you click or drag a box around.

Zoom Out Button:

Zooms out from the area of the map that you click.

Zoom to Full Extent Button:

Zooms out to view all of Cass County.

Pan Button:

Pans the display in the direction that you drag the mouse pointer.

Identify Button:

Displays attribute information for the feature that you click on the map. At this time only parcel data is available.

To use the identifying features tool you must first make the parcel layer visible on the map display and open it as the active layer. To do this, follow the steps below.

  • Open the layer control folder located on the lower right hand side of the screen.
  • Scroll down to find the parcel layer and chick on the box next to it so that a check mark appears.
  • Also make the parcel layer the active layer by clicking on the circle. A dot will appear within the circle.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on the button labeled update. This will refresh your map display.
  • Click the Identify button on the toolbar.
  • Click a feature on the map.
  • The search results window is located on the right hand side of the screen, displaying attribute information for the feature that you clicked.

Clicking too quickly can result in the application not receiving data requests and requiring you to start over from the beginning. It is also important to click in the center of a parcel, clicking near a property line will result in multiple properties being selected. This is not a problem but multiple results will show up in the search results window.

Selected Button:

The Selected Button will zoom in to the last parcel you selected.

Toggle between Legend and Layer Control folders:

By clicking on the folders located on the lower right hand side of the screen you can switch back and forth between a Legend with symbology or a Layer Control List with visibility options.

Map Display:

This is the area in which the map is displayed. You can search, zoom in and out, pan around, select attribute information from the parcel layer, and turn layers on and off.

Active Layer:

Making a layer active gives the user the ability to identify attribute information for the feature that you click on the map. To determine which layer is the active layer, open the layer control folder and scroll down searching for the layer that has the highlighted round radio button next to it. This is the active layer. Only one layer may be active at any given time.


The legend displays line symbology and colors of the layers selected within the map display.

Layer Control Folder:

The layer control folder displays all of the available layers. You can turn layers on and off by checking the box next to the layer you would like to display, then scroll down to the bottom of the list and click on the button labeled "update". Doing this will refresh the map and only layers with a check mark in their box will be visible on the map display. You must select the active layer by clicking on the round radio button next to the layer you would like to interact with. Making a layer active gives the user the ability to use the identify button to discover additional information about layers and their features. Keep in mind that the Identify tool button will only work with the active layer.

You can have multiple layers turned on however turning on to many layers can become confusing. Reduce the number of layers if this occurs.

Search Results Window:

The search window is where the results are displayed when you use the search tool options.

A Nine-Digit Parcel ID Number together with the owner's name and situs address if available, are shown. Clicking on the parcel ID number will link you to the Cass County Assessors Parcel Detail Information Window. When your search is complete simply close the window to return to the GIS map display window.


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All inquires can be addressed to this office at:
Att: Robert Van Dyne
Cass County GIS Office
346 Main Street Phone: 402-296-9354
Plattsmouth NE 68048-1964 Fax: 402-296-9318
Email - bobv@cassne.org

Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. daily except weekends and designated holidays. Our office is closed between 12:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. for lunch.

This office will also be closed during training sessions, which generally occur out of town.

The GIS Office is located in Room 108 on the ground floor of the courthouse just inside the handicap entrance.


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